Know Your Role on the POP Network: Token Holders

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Know Your Role on the POP Network: Token Holders

It Pays to Hold

Content is King, so goes the saying. This is exactly what it is on the POP Network infrastructure. However, if there is one thing that is more important than content, then it will be those who consume the content in the first place. The POP Network is built for users, creators, and consumers. They form an important piece of the entire chain puzzle.


  • Token holders have the right to partake in blockchain governance
  • They can elect representatives called delegates who can represent their interests during key network decision making
  • Token holders are the key to endless decentralized streaming


As a token holder on POP Network, you have the right to participate in the chain governance, validation, and optimal functioning of the blockchain. However, because most creators and consumers do not necessarily have the technical competence to execute these tasks, they can choose to confer the rights to decision making on to a much more technically-adept user who becomes a delegate.

A delegate is simply a user with technical competence who has been chosen to become the representative of token holders. The role of the delegate is to make decisions that continually make the POP Network chain seamless for all kinds of users. 

So, if you are a POP token holder, your influence on the network goes beyond decentralized streaming services or content hosting, you have the power to confer your rights on a representative who then serves as a delegate.

There is no segregation on the POP Network, and token holders have important roles to play in network governance. Streaming service is only the tip of the iceberg.

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