Making a Case for the Mass Adoption of Decentralized Networks

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Making a Case for the Mass Adoption of Decentralized Networks

An Irreversible Trend is on the Horizon

On October 4, 2021, the largest social network in the world - Facebook - had a downtime that lasted seven hours. For seven hours, the world was at a standstill as almost 3 billion users were held at ransom.


  • Centralized networks are prone to a single point of failure
  • Privacy issues are quite persistent on centralized networks
  • Decentralized solutions provided by the blockchain has proven to be the best alternative to centralized networks


The Problem of Centralization

Centralization continues to prove a stumbling block for numerous reasons. First, it makes the entire system of global socialization and entertainment to be prone to collapse in the event that the infrastructure hosting these platforms comes crashing or gets hacked. 

Decentralization on the blockchain offers a better alternative. Above all, it eliminates the chance of system failure resulting from a single point of failure. In many cases, blockchains are powered by thousands of computers, tirelessly working to ensure that the system never fails.

The Never-Ending Privacy Issue

Using Facebook as an instance, the platform had issues that date as far back as 2010 when British firm, Cambridge Analytica, took the data of about 87 million users without users’ consent. Yet again, in 2020, Facebook was forced to pay $550 million to indemnify users whose biometrics were unlawfully captured and stored.

Away from Facebook, Google is notable for its targeted advertisement which it does by monitoring and tracking users’ online activities across search engines, and its partner network. Users are then served ads based on pixel tracking. An outright violation of their rights.

To cap things up, users are left with very little option than to continue to tolerate all of these inappropriate acts as there are little known/established alternatives.

Decentralization to Champion the Paradigm Shift

A system where no single entity has the capability to hold others at ransom is the most feasible way out of the current menace. To this effect, blockchain solutions are in the best position to eliminate the over-reliance on a few, all-powerful centralized networks. 

This is not to say that these pockets of control do not serve their purposes, the point here is that people are beginning to seek freedom and better alternatives. To ease convenience and create a safer internet and society, it is high time we made the switch to the mass adoption of decentralized networks.

In summary, decentralized blockchain networks offer the best solutions to tackle the numerous challenges posed by centralized networks and it is only a matter of time till blockchains overtake centralized networks as the preferred alternative for users globally.

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