POP Network, an introduction

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POP Network, an introduction

We are building decentralized infrastructure for the Creator Economy

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How many online videos did you watch today? How many songs have you streamed this week? Most likely, the answer is “a lot”.

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The internet has evolved into a huge streaming media platform.

The $320 billion streaming economy accounts for over 80% of all internet traffic and touches every aspect of modern society. No matter the language or geography, streaming media is critical human infrastructure. It reflects who we are and shapes who we will become.

This is the function of “pop culture”

From Beethoven to Beyoncé, mankind has used technology to share the human experience. The printing press, phonograph, radio, television, and so many more revolutionary technologies have changed how we view ourselves and the world around us.

     The pop culture technology   
     of our time is streaming   


Curiously, as the world gets bigger it seems control of streaming gets smaller. Massive centralized corporations like Google and Facebook control the lion’s share of global streaming. Because of that, they practically print billions of dollars every year simply sharing the media that others create.

That's because legacy systems are "dumb". They treat (and charge) every eyeball the same whereas blockchain advancements like nanopayments and non-fungible tokens align passion with profit.

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Live look at Google executive counting streaming profits

Near monopoly power allows dominant platforms to squeeze creators for an ever-increasing share of profits leaving those creators increasingly marginalized. At the same time, opaque and arbitrary platform rules around monetization make it so many creators, even if they have millions of fans, are not able to generate profits at all.

Consumers continue to express their frustration with the status quo as well. The viral growth of ad blockers is a direct rejection of the advertising-supported revenue model. And, the biggest television shows and movies are always available on illegal file sharing sites as consumers seek alternatives to costly subscriptions and arcane territorial restrictions.

It seems the only winners in the current system are the centralized platforms themselves. But, with the invention of blockchain technology, everything is changing…fast.


The old media value chain is being disrupted as power shifts from aggregators & platforms to content creators & their social networks.

     For incumbents, blockchain is a threat   
     For insurgents, blockchain is   
     a once-in-a-generation opportunity   



POP Network architecture

For a deeper dive, read the whitepaper — https://bit.ly/popnetwork-whitepaper

POP Network is a decentralized ecosystem of blockchain & artificial intelligence applications built to help you create and capture value from this radical transformation towards Web 3.0, the third iteration of the World Wide Web.

Core components include:

  • - Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake Blockchain
- Artificial Intelligence Content Moderation
- Decentralized Content Distribution Network

Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake Blockchain

The SDPoS blockchain is designed to meet the demanding needs of mass-market consumer dApps (decentralized applications) with a no-fee user experience made possible by a dual-token cryptoeconomic model. POP Network Token (“POP”) is the native utility token used to stake, secure, and govern the system while Legitimate Interchange Token (“LIT”) is the stable operational unit for true p2p transactions.

Using no-code smart contract creation tools, POP Network lets Creators invent entirely new business models for media distribution without needing an engineering degree. Things like NFTs (non-fungible tokens), trustless crowdfunding, and nanopayments can finally become the norm…all without Big Tech middlemen.

Artificial Intelligence Content Moderation

GPU-accelerated Superdelegates use AI to scan content and preemptively evaluate risk before media reaches the public. Superdelegates are selected by Delegates, earn rewards from the DPoS blockchain, but operate independently on a permissioned practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant (“pBFT”) sidechain along the lines of Hyperledger Sawtooth.

Decentralized Content Distribution Network

After AI-enhanced moderation, content is sent for peer-to-peer web streaming. Media files are split into small pieces, encrypted, and scattered across multiple POP Masternodes. Any POP Token Holder can claim the right to become a POP Masternode by holding at least 50,000 POP. No single entity has total possession of any piece of content, redundant data is stored across different locations, and nodes can be browser-based.

DYOR: Experience POP decentralized streaming LIVE DEMO now! 

POP Network demo


Given the ability to monetize content with blockchain efficiency and align community incentives with a native token, media that held little value in the legacy system could flourish with the support of a passionate audience on POP Network.

Imagine a native-language YouTube or Netflix for fast-growing digital-first countries like Indonesia or Viet Nam. Or, think about musicians in China streaming on a native-language Spotify built for their expat audience in Africa.

The traditional streaming media value chain has no place for these kinds of content as they are deemed too costly to create for an audience that cannot possibly return value on the production investment. POP Network changes everything.

     Streaming is only the first step   
     Imagine decentralized Twitter, Facebook…


By marrying a hyper-efficient blockchain monetization model with a peer-to-peer distribution framework that brings distribution costs to near-zero, POP Network is tapping into the same insight Reed Hastings of Netflix and Jeff Bezos of Amazon have made driving their respective companies: The Human Race has entered into the era of mass customization.

As the old web moves from a primarily text-based medium to the next-generation Internet based on streaming video and audio, the impact of this transition cannot be overstated. Over a quarter trillion dollars is up for grabs as the old gives way to the new.

POP Network is here to help you benefit from this power shift.


Do you want a better Internet where you share in the value you create? Sign up below to join the POP Network adventure.

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