4 Ways POP Network Pays You

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4 Ways POP Network Pays You

Let’s give the power and profits back to people actually creating value


Facebook and YouTube collectively made over $25 billion last quarter by selling your data and the content you create. Ever ask yourself…

Where’s my cut?!

Pay Me My Money

With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency you can now take true ownership of the decentralized web. Here are four ways POP Network helps you get your fair share:

#1. Store and Serve Media

POP Network relies on its Masternodes to distribute content. You can think of the POP Masternode as an advanced torrent client mashed up with a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. For their effort, these peer-to-peer nodes earn 35% of all block rewards in the system.

Simply run the node to store and serve media, stake POP tokens to demonstrate your commitment to the network, and you start earning rewards.

Running a POP Masternode ensures a stable and inviting platform poised for explosive growth while providing you with passive income paid in POP, the native cryptocurrency of the network.

The multiplatform Masternode is running on Ropsten testnet now. POP is currently traded on ProBit, a trusted global exchange.

#2. HODL

POP Network is being developed as a Superdelegated Proof-of-Stake system. To learn more about SDPoS and how other blockchain consensus mechanisms work, please read this earlier post.

Delegates produce valid blocks of transactions, maintain synchronized state, and keep a history of the blockchain. The authority to do this very important job, and earn the substantial rewards that come with it, is derived from holding a significant stake of POP.

Typically, Delegates stake tokens loaned to them by Token Holders. Since Delegates will likely have to lobby the community for stake support, it is envisioned that successful Delegates will actively incentivize Token Holders to earn and maintain their position.

The more you stake, the more you make.

#3. Develop Decentralized Applications

Imagine if you mixed up DNA from YouTube, BitTorrent, Spotify, and Bitcoin. You’d get applications you love while seamlessly experiencing the benefits of decentralization.

These are the kinds of decentralized applications (dApps) that are going to make POP Network indispensable. To encourage open-source development, POP Network has dedicated 20% of POP token supply to a Rewards Pool. One of the functions of the pool is to ensure Developers have the resources they need to grow POP Network.

So, whether you are building a crypto-powered YouTube or hyper-niche decentralized podcasting app, the Rewards Pool is here to help.

#4. Create Compelling Content

The ultimate driver of POP Network mainstream adoption is content that gets people so excited that they are willing to try a new blockchain experience to get it. This is why Content Creators are crucial to the success of POP Network and receive 50% of POP block rewards, by far the biggest share.

Building on cryptocurrency allows Creators to take advantage of innovative p2p business models that don’t rely on the mass monetization of fear, division, and anxiety which are dominant on legacy Internet platforms.

Additionally, POP Network protects the direct relationship between Creator and their Community by ensuring no third-party has the power to prevent the free exchange of ideas, erase your online presence, or restrict your economic activity like the social media oligarchs can do at will.

Freedom is our competitive advantage.


If the Internet is ever going to fulfill its promise as a public resource to benefit all rather than just a tiny handful of corporations and governments, then people driving the network must share in the value they create.

Do you want to capture value from the Internet’s unstoppable transformation to the decentralized web? Sign up below to join the POP Network adventure.