POP Network is the YouTube Killer on the Blockchain

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POP Network is the YouTube Killer on the Blockchain

What if I told you that YouTube is not free!! It sounds funny but that is the truth. You might not offer money in exchange for video streaming or upload, but you pay for every content that you create or consume. You should not get confused, we will dissect the details in this article.


  • For creators on the YouTube platform, your earnings are dictated by YouTube and you only get paid a fraction of what you deserve
  • Content consumers pay for “free” content with their personal data and online activity tracking
  • Detailed ad targeting and intrusive advertising have become the norm on Youtube
  • Blockchain streaming is much more secure, free of ad tracking, and data intrusion


Creating for a Pittance

For content creators on YouTube, they are presented with just one option when it comes to revenue generation - they have to wait till YouTube decides how much their views are worth. There is really nothing they can do other than to wait and hope the number of views increases. For the lucky ones, this might be a safe bet, but for the “up and coming”, this is definitely not the best way to go.

This then impacts the quality of content that is produced and uploaded to the platform. In a bid to maximize returns, content creators usually resort to churning out content at short intervals. The result is always a large volume of average content with little value for consumers.

Your Personal Data is not Personal

Data tracking has become the norm on centralized streaming platforms like YouTube. Consumers on the platform are tracked by pixels and advanced artificial intelligence software that have been built for this purpose. This software tracks every consumer’s activity on the platform. The tracking includes the kind of videos they watch, what they click on, the topics they search, and what they find interesting (video length to this effect). Also, do not forget that the platform is tied to your Google account and other Google services you enjoy which makes it easy for browsing behavior to be used or weaponized against you.

In the real sense, as much as YouTube is free to watch, your personal information and online activities are the prices you pay. This in itself is worth a lot of money.

Intrusive Ad Targeting

Have you ever wondered how YouTube or Google reads your mind? Like, you see an advert that matches exactly the thing you are trying to fix. It is no magic, it is a result of the ad tracking that has been done over time.

YouTube’s artificial inteligence algorithm automatically synchronizes with Google’s system to show you the ads they consider you to be a good fit for. In other words, you are shown an ad based on your recent searches and activities on the platform. If you recently see a video on how a particular software works, there is the tendency that you would be served an ad by that particular software company or its competitor(s).

To make things worse, you are sometimes compelled to see these ads to the end. Ads are served at the beginning of the content and several times in between. This affects the overall user experience and breaks the flow of content consumption.

There is nothing out of the blue, it is your tracked personal data at work.

POP Network is the Best Alternative

The advantages that reside in blockchain streaming far outweighs those offered by centralized platforms like YouTube. Blockchain is already known for its numerous solutions to different issues, but its introduction to video streaming has created an unprecedented and unparalleled level of accessibility for consumers.

POP Network has leveraged the blockchain to create the most secured and user-friendly platform for decentralized video streaming. Some of its unique benefits are succinctly discussed below:

Uncapped creator earnings

Gone are the days when creators have to wait to get paid a stipend for their hard work, on POP Network you get paid as your content is consumed. As a creator, a portion of every token paid by users for your content is yours and this is immediately credited into your wallet. It's definitely raining rewards on the POP Network!

Your data is yours forever:

POP Network functions on the blockchain and is fully decentralized. In essence, there is no central authority to capture and store your data for any ulterior motive. You can freely enjoy your content at your convenience without any fear of being tracked

Ad Intrusion is non-existent:

Only platforms that store your data have the intention of using them to serve you ads; this mechanism does not exist on the POP Network. All users need not worry about intrusive ads at the beginning or in the middle of their content consumption.

No downtime:

The issue with centralized platforms is that all content generated is stored on a dedicated server. If for any reason, this server needs maintenance or encounters major issues, there is bound to be downtime. This has happened in time past with Facebook and its network. Blockchain-powered POP Network on the other hand can never have downtime as content is stored in a decentralized manner. All content is stored by Masternodes which are computer systems that have signed up solely for this purpose. If one masternode goes down, there are several others that fill in, erasing the fear of any kind of downtime.


Effectively, all of the characteristics mentioned above make a clear-cut distinction between the POP Network and centralized streaming platforms, effectively making it the “YouTube Killer”. POP Network has an unparalleled level of service that gives creators and consumers an edge when it comes to content creation and consumption.

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