POP Network SuperDelegates: The Gatekeepers to the POP Blockchain

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POP Network SuperDelegates: The Gatekeepers to the POP Blockchain

The Keys to the Decentralized World are in your hands, use it wisely

POP Network SuperDelegates are a group of closely-knitted delegates, who are appointed from the group of delegates. They have just one duty, and it is to verify all content that comes on to POP Network. They have been vested with the power to filter out harmful content on the network. Good, bad, or ugly, they have to do what is right.


  • SuperDelegates are appointed from amongst existing Delegates on the network
  • They utilize Graphical Processing Unit and advanced artificial intelligence to screen content
  • They are in the capacity to pass content or block it from the network for any perceived irregularities or harm


Anointed by the Appointed 

The POP Network SuperDelegate is an elite class of delegators. POP’s superdelegates are chosen from amongst delegates who had previously been chosen by token holders.

SuperDelegates are saddled with a unique responsibility, which means that they carry a lot of trust. Additionally, the position of a superdelegate requires that each member has a strong Graphical Processing Unit to verify content. For this reason, only delegates with such capabilities are usually appointed.

In essence, superdelegates are the circle within the circle.

Advanced Computing on Duty

The requisite to become a superdelegate entails that you have a GPU in place. The GPU runs an advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm that scrutinizes all the content that is uploaded on the POP network. The aim is to produce a risk assessment of these content to verify their suitability for consumption for users on the network.

GPUs are specialized electronic circuits that help to accelerate graphics rendering and examine frames, typically making them highly relevant for advanced machine learning functions and video editing.

In exchange for their time, dedication, and effort, POP superdelegates are rewarded and paid in the network’s native token (POP).

Pass or Miss; they hold the Keys

The superdelegates have to reach a consensus on the status of a video if it is flagged as high-risk by the machine learning algorithm. They are required to hold a vote to decide if the piece of content should pass or be blocked from entering the network.

Upon vote, if such content is considered unfit for the platform, then the creator loses the stake associated with such content.

This verification is necessary to avoid the greater consequence and backlash that can come when content consumers voice their discontent about a particular content that they find unpleasant.


The POP Network aims to continually provide its users with the best content possible. To this effect, superdelegates have a crucial role to play, and they occupy a prime position in achieving the safe distribution of content on the POP Network.

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