Earning at Ease: The Role of an Ephemeral Masternode

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Earning at Ease: The Role of an Ephemeral Masternode

Easy Work; Smooth Reward

Earning on the POP Network is not a closed-up affair meant for a certain kind of person. All users on the network are entitled to earn from the comfort of their homes. All you really need is a web browser and you are set to receive POP’s massive rewards. Easy work, smooth rewards.


  • Ephemeral Masternodes are integral to scalability on the POP Network
  • Their role ensures content distribution efficiency and increased content reach
  • Ephemeral masternodes are incentivized as part of the overall crypto economy of the network


Gateway to Scalability

The most common form of decentralized content distribution operates in a linear manner where hosts serve users with content upon request. Once the transferral is complete, the chain ends. This model is inefficient as it does not give room for scalability.

POP Network has an improved system for content efficiency. On the network, content consumers have the option to temporarily serve as hosts after consuming content. This does not require them to run a masternode but instead they will be able to use their web browsers to serve other consumers with content when needed.

The major advantage of this model is that it enables network scalability. In the period of increased traffic on the network, the temporary masternodes (ephemerals) can easily ensure that the network load is maintained, and all users get what they want.

Reward for Responsibility

Every ephemeral masternode on POP Network is entitled to rewards just like regular masternodes are. As a reward for service, temporary nodes are incentivized with the POP token, and they can choose to continue this service for as long as they like.

Temporary re-streamers help to reinforce and expand the network; as the network expands, it also gets stronger, serving users’ needs and providing them with their favorite content when they need them.


Every user on the POP Network is entitled to the benefit of the network irrespective of the position they hold. It is high time you turned your web browser into a tool for passive income by becoming an ephemeral masternode on the POP Network.

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