What Do You Gain By Running a POP Masternode?

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What Do You Gain By Running a POP Masternode?

Its Raining POP on the Network

If you have ever longed to be a part of the inner workings of a cryptocurrency project, then here is a huge opportunity for you.


  • POP masternodes are computers that store and serve media content to users on the POP network
  • Setting up a POP masternode requires users to install the right node setup
  • Masternodes are permitted to increase their stakes up to 2 million POP tokens as this helps them maximize rewards
  • Running a POP masternode is a very good way to generate passive income


What is a POP Masternode?

A POP Masternode serves as one of the numerous network custodians. Masternodes are computers that have been verified and validated through the POP chain’s Proof-of-Stake mechanism. Masternodes store media content and serve it to users whenever the demand for such media is made.

It is that simple and easy. You fill in the role of a virtual storage bank; you provide media service and distribute content as needed.

How you can run a POP Masternode?

This is easy and straightforward. To become a masternode on POP Network, simply go to the website, navigate to Masternode and click download. Ensure that you download the most appropriate setup file for your computer.

Follow this up by installing the setup. Launch the application, connect your wallet, and complete the process by staking your POP token. You can get the POP token on Pancakeswap, PROBIT, MECX Global, BigOne and Uniswap. You could also buy the token by using the POP bridge. Once you complete this process, you have successfully set up a POP masternode. Please find the information on this link for set up assistance.

What You Gain from Running a POP Masternode?

In terms of rewards, it's definitely raining POP tokens. As a masternode on the POP Network, you stand the chance to earn a portion of all block rewards in the system. This is calculated in accordance with the number of POP tokens you have staked.

More coins staked means more rewards and more money in your wallet. Masternodes will have their rewards deposited once every week.

Are you ready to run as a POP Network masternode? Feel free to check out download the masternode set up with this link.

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